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Is Interview Feedback Important?

Sharing interview feedback is not only an important aspect of the hiring process, but the timeliness of the feedback is equally important. Timeliness of feedback, impacts the candidates and the employer.

Often this important aspect is missed out because employers are either too busy, they do not see the need to provide feedback or are avoiding providing the feedback due to their concerns on how the rejected candidates may respond. Sometimes the feedback is provided but at such a late stage that the candidate has already formed an impression, a negative one, about the employer.

Receiving timely interview feedback is important as it:

  1. Helps the candidates improve: The candidates get clarity on the reasons why their profile was not suitable for the role and what it is that they need to work on or must have to be suitable for that role. Constructive feedback can help candidates prepare better and stand a better chance of selection for future roles.

  2. Makes the candidates feel important: Every candidate invests a lot of time and effort in applying and interviewing for a role. Receiving interview feedback, even if they are not selected, acknowledges the candidate and their time taken to be recognised. It also provides them clarity to move their application forward for other roles. It’s basic courtesy to provide all applicants with interview feedback.

  3. Helps build the employer brand and a talent pool for future roles: Receiving interview feedback provides candidates with a more positive impression of the employer. Even though they might not be considered for this role, it motivates the candidates to reapply for future roles with the employer.Silence from the employer and not receiving any feedback on their application leaves a negative impression on the candidates and they may lose interest in applying for future roles with that organization. A candidate not selected for a role may be suitable for other roles, so communication with the candidates is very important to encourage them to apply for future roles and build a talent pool.A positive experience with an employer through a recruitment process will encourage them to reapply in future and also recommend the employer to their friends and colleagues.

Providing feedback to the non-suitable candidates is not easy and sometimes time consuming too, particularly if there are a lot of applicants. However, taking good interview notes can help ease the process, save time and help the employers provide an appropriate and timely feedback to each candidate.

Remember ……… an applicant may also be a future patient.


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