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Achieve your goals with personalised Coaching and Consulting.

Struggling with guidance, accountability, and goal-setting? Turn your ideas into accomplishments and optimise your financials, culture, and performance with the support and strategies from our one-on-one coaching sessions.

Why dental practices engage a Prime Practice Coach and Consultant

Engage a trusted advisor who understands the Dental industry and can unlock your career potential

Learn proven strategies to grow your practice and enhance the patient experience

Develop a team-managed practice by building the necessary skills and cultivating a high-performance team

Implement a business plan with accountability, ensuring your practice's success

Be in a safe environment where you can freely discuss your challenges without judgment


Our coaching and consulting services support:

  • Practice Owners who want to grow their business, be better leaders, and build better patient relationships.

  • Practice Managers who aim to lead their teams effectively, reduce stress through efficient systems and underpin a great patient experience.

  • Associate Dentists who want to manage their job like their own business, develop an entrepreneurial mindset and improve patient relationships.

  • Front Office Coordinators who want to contribute to the success of the business, reduce stress with effective systems and support the patient experience.

  • Anyone who has attended our iconic Primespeak, Leadership or Mastering Practice Ownership courses and wants hands on help to implement the tools and techniques learned.


  • Connect: Start with a 60-minute introductory session with one of Prime Practice's experienced coaches to identify what's working and discuss your biggest challenges. Supported by our practice analysis tools.

  • Plan: Build a customised plan together with your coach to address your key  challenges.

  • Meet: Schedule regular virtual meetings with your coach at an agreed frequency. Each meeting will result in actionable steps to be completed to turn challenges into opportunities.


  • Our team have specific knowledge and expertise in the Dental industry, and they know what best practice looks like.

  • Our Coaches and Consultants identify the gaps and opportunities, diagnose the problems and challenges, and then provide the right systems, tools and strategies to help solve the issues that dental practices face.

  • Prime Practice Coaches and Consultants are adept at addressing the 5 core areas that typically challenge most dental practices: Business Skills, Patient Experience, Leadership & Personal Growth, Systems & Protocols, and Team Engagement.

  • Our team also has access to Subject Matter Experts who have specialised understanding, knowledge, and experience in Marketing, Infection Prevention & Control, HR, practice management, sales, mergers, acquisitions, and partnership strategies.


  • 30+ years of experience helping to grow and improve dental practices.

  • Australia's largest training and business solutions provider to the dental community.

  • Developers and trainers for Primespeak, the world-class dental patient communications training.

  • Trusted by clients across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, China, North America and Europe.

  • A comprehensive library of resources and templates specific to dental practices, leadership and teams.

What you can expect

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1 hour Coaching Session



1 hour Coaching Session

Pack of 3 x 1 hour Coaching Sessions



Pack of 3 x 1 hour Coaching Sessions

Pack of 6 x 1 hour Coaching Sessions



Pack of 6 x 1 hour Coaching Sessions


Choose our 1 hour Coaching to dip your toe in a coaching experience to see if coaching is right for you, or gain the benefit of 3 or 6 regular coaching sessions at a discounted rate.

Meet the Prime Practice Coaches & Consultants

Need an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on? 

Our team of industry expert has decades of experience in guiding practice principals and their teams. Whether you need consultation or support in any area of your business, our coaches are here to listen, provide guidance, and empower you and your team to achieve the desired results.

Brett is the GM Client Relationships at Prime Practice. Since he started with Prime in 2003, Brett has managed Prime’s team of coaches and personally coached and trained hundreds of dentists and their teams on all elements of running a successful dental practice. Brett is an empowering and motivating speaker who has delivered workshops to dentists worldwide for many years. He deeply understands dentists' challenges and opportunities when communicating with their patients. He is committed to helping bridge the gap between what patients think they need and what dentists diagnose. Brett is passionate about Prime Practice's role in transforming the experience of owning and working in a dental practice. He knows that with that transformation comes the transformation of the patient experience.

Brett Churnin
Brett Churnin

Jen is a dynamic Business Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, and Speaker with over 13 years of experience, including 8 years specialising in the medical industry. Her passion for behavioural and psychological growth underpins her dedication to helping businesses and individuals achieve their full potential. With qualifications in Business Coaching, Consulting, Neuro-linguistic Programming, counselling, conflict management, and strategic communication, Jen excels at crafting effective growth strategies and inspiring transformative change. Her diverse skill set and innate ability to motivate and guide clients make her invaluable in driving success and fostering development.

Jen Cox
Jen Cox

Louise has been a dedicated professional in the dental industry since 2000. Starting her journey as a Dental Assistant and holding Front Office Coordinator, Front Office Manager, and Practice Administrator roles in Brisbane and London, she has developed a keen understanding of the intricacies of dental practice management. Her firsthand exposure to Prime Practice's transformative services cemented her belief in the organisation's value and effectiveness. Since joining Prime Practice in 2021, Louise has utilised her extensive dental expertise and passion for guiding individuals towards their fullest potential. She has fostered a supportive community for Practice Managers and provided them with specialised resources, all aimed at helping them lead their practices to excellence. Louise, an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach, now focuses on coaching, consulting, and training dental teams to deliver exceptional patient care and service. Her strategic insights and guidance empower practices to achieve their goals and sustain long-term success, making her a trusted partner for any dental team seeking to elevate their standards.

Louise Howlett
Louise Howlett

Daleen's dental journey began in high school as a dental assistant, igniting her passion for the field. With over 20 years of experience, including roles in clinical practice and management, she brings a wealth of expertise. Having spent 17 years in New York, with 5 years as a coach for a Dental Practice Management company, Daleen has returned to Sydney, committed to supporting dentists and their teams in achieving transformative change and sustainable results. As a Coach, Consultant and Trainer at Prime Practice, she continues her mission of fostering empowered and cohesive dental teams, elevating the standard of care and patient health.

Daleen Kupsch
Daleen Kupsch

Michelle is a seasoned Business Coach and Trainer who has been coaching globally since 2004. In addition to Coaching, Michelle's background spans various industries, including founding a fitness and work-life balance business, working in property valuation and acquisitions, and co-managing a conservation eco-sanctuary with a nature-based wellness focus. Holding a Bachelor of Business and certification as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Michelle can empower clients and teams to realise their goals. At Prime Practice, she is committed to enhancing each interaction with clarity, confidence, and actionable insights. Michelle's diverse expertise enriches her role, focusing on a positive mindset, inspired goal setting, effective communication, performance measurement, and fostering balanced wellness along the way.

Michelle Clark
Michelle Clark

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