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Boost your confidence and skill with the Practice Managers Academy.

At Prime Practice, we understand the unique and often overwhelming challenges that Practice Managers face. Whether you were thrown into your role without sufficient handover and training or struggling with leadership and efficiency, the Practice Managers Academy is designed to help you overcome these obstacles and excel in your career.

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There is no denying that Dental Practice Managers are the epicentre of the modern dental practice.

Despite the Dentist’s name being on the door, very often the business functions around the dynamic leadership of the Practice Manager.  


Dental Practice Managers often face varying challenges daily. From hiring and managing dental team members, to upholding the patient experience, ensuring everyone’s safety in the practice, being the conduit between Practice Owners or Principal Dentists and Team Members to running Marketing campaigns and managing the dental practice’s website and social media channels – it’s a lot! 


On top of that a Practice Managers’ duties vary from practice to practice. Without an official job description as a benchmark for this role, it becomes challenging for Practice Managers to be adequately prepared for potential obstacles. That is why, Prime Practice has created The Practice Managers Academy. 


Start your journey with a one-hour coaching session with our Practice Manager Coach and Consultant, Louise Howlett. This session is designed to support you in your PM role and help you put your best foot forward in the PM Academy.


Are you struggling with how to lead your team with confidence and efficiency? Get equipped with the leadership skills that will help you guide your practice to success. Our Leadership Program focuses on enhancing your ability to manage and inspire your team effectively.


Are you overwhelmed by how much there is to do and so little time to do it? Mitigate risk and ensure your practice is 100% compliant with our comprehensive learning in HR and Infection Prevention and Control. We help you manage these critical aspects efficiently, reducing your workload and stress.


Do you feel like everyone relies heavily on you, and the pressure is weighing you down? Download useful job descriptions that you can customise easily to better fit the job role you are advertising. This resource helps you delegate effectively, reducing the pressure on you.


Do you love your job but wish you had more help or that it was easier? Finalise your time in the Practice Managers Academy with a one-hour review coaching session with Louise. This is your opportunity to seek clarification and support in implementing your new learning, making your role more manageable and enjoyable.

What you can expect

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Practice Manager Consulting - 1 Session



Practice Manager Consulting - 1 Session

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Practice Manager Consulting - 3 Sessions

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Practice Manager Consulting - 6 Sessions

Practice Managers Academy



Practice Managers Academy


Access 1:1 Coaching and Consulting with Louise Howlett. Or enjoy a six-month membership in our PM Academy - Please note that all courses must be booked within the initial six-month enrolment period, but you can attend them at any time within the following twelve months.


Prime Practice has equipped me as a leader.

Prime Practice have been working closely with us for the last 12 months. One of our team goals and part of our culture is to serve our community in the best way possible. Prime Practice have given us the tool belt required for this. Personally, for me as a Practice Manager I have had the opportunity to learn skills to effectively communicate and lead our team.


My leadership qualities have grown enormously under the high skill and knowledge of my coaches and the PM Academy, which in hand has helped the whole team strive towards our common goal. I believe in people becoming the best version of themselves and I know that Prime Practice has equipped me as a leader which in hand helps me be the best version of me. I also love the PM Network as its so great to have a place where you can go to share with people who are in the same position. Thank you for all your knowledge and wisdom.

Cath Amos

Practice Manager, Northshore Dental Clinic 

I feel a lot more confident in myself.

I had such a great time learning in the PM Academy. It was really nice to reach out to others in the same boat because we are very isolated- especially being rural. I feel a lot more confident in myself and I learnt how best to manage my reactions to conflicts and in doing so- I learnt to not take everything to heart so much and approach everything with an open mind. 


It has also given me the boost I needed to take control in a healthy way and confidence in my own decision making. So thank you for all your help and the support. I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to Practice Managers who are just starting- or practice managers- like myself - who had been in the role a few years and were lacking a little guidance and motivation. 

Anna Baxter

Practice Manager, Harris Dental 

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