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Attract, onboard, and retain the best staff with Prime's People Solutions.

Access HR support for all aspects of team management. Acting as an outsourced HR Manager, our service ensures compliance with current legislation, and provides confidence that your approach is in the best interests of all parties involved.

The risk and costs associated with a failure to correctly hire and manage your team can be expensive and demanding. 

Additionally, the lost productivity for team members not completing their roles at optimum levels, as well as those involved in hiring and training new staff can add up quickly and impact the whole practice. Prime’s People Solutions provides you with specialist HR support to help you across all elements relating to your team. This solution, a little like an outsourced HR Manager, can provide comfort and confidence that your approach is compliant, up to date with current legislation and in the best interests of all parties.


Advertising for a vacancy can be difficult, overwhelming and time consuming. We can assist with writing and posting the ad across a variety of online job boards and social media, collate your responses and email resumes to you daily. You just contact the short-listed candidates!


Lack of clarity in understanding the requirements and expectations of the role can cause poor performance and frustration for both employee and dentist. A good Job Description ensures expectations and understanding of the job role are clear at the outset. We can support you with both standard and customised Job Descriptions to suit your practice needs.


Interviewing can be daunting and sometimes we forget to ask the most important questions. We have Dental specific template questions for interviews for both support and clinical roles within the Practice. Questions supplied support you to ensure all relevant topics are canvassed in the interview process.

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