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Transform your team with Customised Training.

We'll come to you! Unlock your team’s potential with dynamic, tailored workshops designed to meet your practice's unique needs. Experience immediate improvements and discover the difference Customised Training can make!

Is your team aligned with your practice's vision, workflow, and patient experience?

An aligned practice is a successful practice. Share with us your greatest obstacles and most significant pain points, and we will design a program to best solve them. Enhance your practice culture, improve patient experiences, and build your team's business acumen. Strengthen your practice systems and foster an environment of continuous improvement. Equip your team with the skills they need to create an optimal patient experience, keeping them coming back and allowing your practice to excel.

Meet your trainers, Louise Howlett, Daleen Kupsch, Brett Churnin, Maya Carson, Jen Cox

group of people

What you can expect

We bring an experienced trainer to you

In person or virtual, at a convenient time for you & your team

Programs tailored for your practice needs

Safely address and resolve team challenges

Earn CPD points while enhancing your team’s skills

Fill the gaps and get your team aligned for success.

Running a dental practice without a unified team can lead to miscommunication, inconsistent patient care, and a lack of shared goals, all of which can hinder your success. The challenge of getting everyone on the same page can result in inefficiencies, low morale, and missed growth opportunities.

Align your team with your practice’s mission, culture, and values through our Customised Training solutions. This approach ensures exceptional patient experiences, enhances team cohesion, and drives the overall success of your practice. Investing in tailored training is the key to unlocking your practice's full potential.


  • Leading with clarity & purpose.

  • Key drivers that contribute to creating a high performing team.

  • Building an environment where team members want to contribute and collaborate.

  • Understanding the importance of psychological safety.

  • Embracing responsibility & accountability.


  • Identifying all points of contact in a dental practice.

  • Look at each point through a patient’s eyes.

  • The influencing principles at each touchpoint.

  • Communication skills, demonstrated by each team member.

  • Systems to create consistency between all team members.

  • Creating a first impressions checklist.

  • Primespeak techniques in the treatment rooms.

  • Delegating actions.


Get your team aligned with our half-day patient journey workshop, resulting in practical actions for each department in the practice to implement.

Immediately following your Walk of the Patient experience, our trainer will work one on one with practice leaders to discuss observations, recommendations, and develop the structures that will allow the team to implement the actions just learned, successfully. 

Benefit from a program designed to align your team and optimise systems and onsite implementation 1:1 Coaching with a specialist Practice Manager.​


  • Laws of Patient behaviour.

  • Communication zones – how to build or break trust.

  • Strategic thinking.

  • Tools for the pre-clinical discussion.

  • Practice your skills.

  • Tools for the clinical exam.

  • Practice your skills.

  • Tools for the consultation.

  • Practice your skills.


  • Discover what an ideal day in your practice should look like.

  • Learn the difference that Pre-Blocking and running on time will make to your patient experience.

  • Control your appointment book with our proven 4 step approach.

  • Identify the industry trends that will best support your patient booking need.


  • Social Styles is a behavioural model that helps individuals understand and adapt to different communication preferences.

  • It is easy to learn and apply in everyday interactions.

  • It helps team members understand and adapt to different communication styles, enhancing interactions.

  • Fosters better teamwork by recognising and valuing diverse behavioural styles.

  • Understanding team members ' social styles equips managers with the tools to lead more effectively.

  • Aids in resolving conflicts by promoting empathy and understanding of different perspectives.

  • Improves efficiency by creating a more harmonious and adaptable work environment.


•    LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® uses physical models as a universal language, enabling better expression of ideas.
•    Ensures that all team members have an equal opportunity to contribute, regardless of their role or background.
•    LSP helps teams find innovative solutions to complex problems by encouraging creative and unconventional thinking.
•    The collaborative exercises in LSP strengthen trust and mutual understanding among team members.
•    Building and storytelling with LEGO bricks help team members reflect on their roles and understand each other's perspectives better.
•    LSP's playful and creative nature reduces stress and increases engagement, boosting morale and motivation in high-pressure environments.


Regardless of your reasons, our Customised Training delivers your training needs right to your doorstep. A customised solution that will fit specific needs of your practice and team.

Like the thought of up-skilling your team without having to leave the practice? Schedule a time to talk to one of our trainers to finesse the training day most suitable to your team’s needs.

Popular Customised Training programs


It made me so happy to watch people come to work the next day beaming and happy to be at work.

As a practice we decided that it was time to re-ignite our training and get the younger ones involved with our thinking. We approached Prime if they could organise a day event for all staff. After covid and being busy we knew we needed a team building event. We were so lucky to have the Prime team lead us on the day. They organised a program addressing our concerns and tailoring it to make everyone feel included. All the new staff said it was such a great day, and the others said it was so good to have a refresher on Prime principles and to have everybody talking from the same page. It made me so happy to watch people come to work the next day beaming and happy to be at work, realising the importance of our systems and also how all staff are different and how to work in a team.

Dr Agim Hymer

Principal Dentist, FirstBite Dental

Invaluable for the entire team.

I can’t recommend the ‘Walk the Patient’ experience highly enough. The trainers were amazing. We walked through our surgery together discussing all the various contact points for our patients, this has enabled us to become more patient centric and give patients an exceptional experience through practice. Invaluable for the entire team.

Dr Todd Horan

Owner and Dentist, Oar and Horan Dentists

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