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Maximise your practice potential with our Practice Plan.

Our Practice Plan provides the most comprehensive support for dental practices in the market, drawing on Prime Practice's thirty years of industry experience. Gain access to exclusive tailored resources, including expert coaching, consulting and training, all designed to enhance your practice's success.

Your practice chart

A Practice Plan to enable growth.

“With our experienced coaches, trainers, and subject matter experts by your side, you're never alone in navigating the challenges and unlocking the opportunities in your practice.”

Brett Churnin, GM Client Relationships

Brett Churnin

What you can expect

Boost practice production

Lift case acceptance

Streamline your systems

Develop your team and culture

Strengthen your leadership skills

Enhance wellbeing, reduce stress

Access Monthly 1:1 Business Coaching and Consulting

Your Coach will identify gaps and opportunities, providing tailored systems, tools and strategies to address the specific issues faced by your dental practice, helping you achieve tangible results through consistent guidance.

Subject Matter Experts

Access decades of experience from our team to enhance your Front Office, Infection Prevention and Control, Marketing, People Solutions and Practice Management.

Training & Workshops

Upskill your entire team with our popular courses:

  • Primespeak Patient Communications

  • Mastering Practice Ownership

  • Leadership Program 

  • Customised Training Live Online and In Person

  • Team Building Workshops

  • Infection Prevention & Control

  • Live Online Front Office Systems Training

  • On-Demand Video Library

  • Associate Dentists Academy at discounted rate

Suite of Resources on tap

  • Business Intelligence Tools

  • Leadership & Team Insights

  • KPI Tracking & Analysis

  • Goal Setting & Cash flow Projections

  • Team Questionnaires

  • Practice Managers Academy

  • Employment Contracts

  • Job Descriptions & Performance Reviews

  • Website & Digital Marketing Consultation

Dental professionals leader

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Enhance your career and practice with our exceptional experience, expertise, and support.

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Our Plan is designed for practices that recognise the power of combining workshops (to deliver content) with coaching (to customise the content and maximise implementation).

Feel free to get in touch with one of our Consultants to determine your goals and clarify if our Plan is right for you.

How do I know if the Plan is right for our Practice?

The Practice Plan contains a comprehensive mix of coaching, consulting, training and resources. With over 30 years of working with thousands of practices, we have a massive amount of resources available for our Plan clients. Success in any Plan doesn’t require utilising everything that’s available – your coach and dedicated Account Manager will guide you to which services and resources you need in order to reach the specific goals for your practice.

And if you decide a Plan isn’t for you, we can always create a customised package of services to suit your needs.

What if I don't need everything in the Plan?

We always want the Plan to be valuable and worthwhile, which is why we don’t lock you into anything long-term. If the Plan isn’t working for you, we’ll do what we can to make it work. But if it’s really not for you, then all we need is three (3) calendar months’ notice.

Will we be locked into a long-term commitment?

That really depends on where you’re starting from and where you want to end up. Some practices want to increase case acceptance and production, and in this sense, the Plan should very rapidly be a cash-flow positive experience. For other practices, the results are less tangible and more long-term, with a focus on more effective leadership and better team engagement.

How long will it take to see results from the Plan?

Frequently asked questions

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