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Ghosting candidates Are you sending the right message?

With the technological advancements in recruitment and communication, it is easier than ever to keep candidates informed throughout the recruitment process. So why is it then that phenomenon’s like ‘ghosting’, the term used to describe ending a relationship by not responding to texts or calls, has gained such popularity in recent years? Jobseekers often comment on their frustrations throughout the employment process, the most frequent is the lack of communication. One disheartened jobseeker recently advised:

“It was the most thoughtless thing, I invested my time and money to go into the practice and even after meeting several times they didn’t even bother to let me know I didn’t get the job. It’s fine to be turned down, but just to be ghosted by a company? Tell me and let me move on.”

This lack of communication portrays your practice in a negative light as candidates will think you are disorganised and unprofessional. The key lesson is to keep candidates updated on their status, although rejection is hard, waiting is even worse. With applications submitted electronically and more ways to communicate than ever before, there is little excuse for keeping candidates in the dark.

Please remember that even if a candidate isn’t the right fit for your practice, building a cordial relationship with two-way communication can benefit you both.

So how can you build a positive relationship with your candidates without spending all your time on recruitment? Here are three easy to implement steps to improve your recruitment:

1. Simplify the process

Many candidates put a lot of time and energy into every job to which they apply.

Prime Practice HR have seen practices ask for candidates to complete homework assignments, explain what procedures and policies they would implement in the practice or to prepare a marketing campaign before they have even met the candidate. Other candidates complain of “extensive, exhaustive, multiple-interview processes that extend over weeks and weeks.”

The problem is that a long application process limits your pool of candidates. You will lose some great candidates if you have a long-drawn-out process either through them finding another role or becoming fed up with the length of time it is taking the Practice to make a decision. You need to find the balance between getting what you need and overwhelming or frustrating candidates with a lengthy complicated process.

2. Be open minded

Although a certain level of skill is required to work within a dental practice (and qualifications too depending on the role you are recruiting for) everyone’s circumstances are different and complex and no one’s life fits into neat little boxes. Some of the best candidates may be disregarded by practices because they are currently unemployed, have too much experience, are considered too old or too young, etc.

However, a person who has been unemployed for a while might be the hardest worker you ever hire. A candidate who has swapped careers/between practices could have a truly unique perspective and be highly adaptive to new environments. An older worker has irreplaceable experience and could be seeking a longer-term opportunity. With an open mind, you might find genuinely great talent.

3. Be considerate

When you are missing a key team member recruiting will become a priority, however most candidates are working while they search for their new role and have the same daily life obligations we all do… plus their job search. This means every step requires the jobseeker to juggle their commitments.

You want candidates to take a call or Zoom/Skype interview during the day, no big deal? Wrong. If they work in a dental practice, finding a quiet and private spot can be an ordeal that also puts pressure on their existing team to cover for them, which can be compounded if the interview start is delayed. Want to postpone an interview? That’s another excuse to the Practice at the least and another day of lost wages/commission.

Jobseekers realise they will have to work hard and make some sacrifices to secure their dream job. They just need employers to show a little consideration in the process. The next time you are think about recruiting for a new team member perhaps just try to remember that behind every resume is a real person eager to work for your practice.

If you’d like assistance with managing your candidates and recruiting your team Prime Practice HR Solutions would love to help! Please contact Prime Practice HR Solutions.


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