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Casual Conversion Update

Dental Practices across Australia need to be aware of the recent amendment to the Health Professionals and Support Services Award. A Casual Conversion clause was recently included and is effective 1 October 2018.

The new clause will affect the obligations of all dental practices employing casual employees who work on a regular and systematic basis i.e. a regular pattern of hours. There will be many practices who will need to review their obligations due to the high number of regular casuals employed within the industry.

Points to remember when reviewing your situation:

  1. The new clause does not insist you offer permanent employment to casual employees

  2. The new clause does require you to provide a copy of the clause (10.5) to all your casual employees.

  3. Casual employees are required to put the request for conversion into writing

  4. You are required to respond in writing within 21 days

  5. You do not have to agree to such a request as long as you have reasonable ground for refusal.

All regular casuals covered by this award will be able to request conversion to a more permanent employment status after 12 months continued service working a pattern of ongoing hours.

What to do:

  1. Review your practice situation in regard the casual employees

  2. Provide relevant employees with a copy of the clause

  3. Prime Management and Masters clients should review the information available complimentary on this topic from your coach

  4. Non-prime clients – contact your HR advisor or consider engaging Prime Practice HR Solutions to assist you through this process.


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