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Back to Basics – Introduction to Infection Prevention and Control

Updated: Jun 17

Do you have new team members?

Many practices are finding themselves employing staff without dental background or experience. A number of people are deciding to move to a new career or have a change of focus and see dentistry as an exciting choice, bringing fresh energy into dentistry and we should embrace it.

Offering a ‘back to basics’ training approach that provides a foundational understanding of key infection prevention and control aspects, with specific focus on the importance of ‘why’ things are done the way they should be. Achieving a confidently compliant approach can be supported with clear learning objectives and outcomes.

Training can play an important role in team cohesion and help resolve differences if team members disagree about certain processes expected. A team managed approach is key to infection prevention and control success.

This interactive workshop is where your staff will learn the importance of:

  1. hand hygiene

  2. standard precautions and transmission-based precautions

  3. PPE

  4. aerosol management

  5. cough etiquette and respiratory hygiene

  6. waterline management

  7. surface management

  8. instrument management and instrument re-processing

  9. sterilisation testing, monitoring and record keeping.


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