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Approach challenges from a new perspective with expert dental training, coaching, and consulting.

At Prime Practice, we understand the challenges dental practices face. From high cancellation rates to staff turnover, communication issues, and everything in between, we have been helping practices overcome these hurdles for over thirty years. Engage with our expert advisors to tackle these issues head-on and transform your practice.

How we can help you

Are you facing challenges in running your dental practice? Whether you're a Practice Owner, Manager, or Associate Dentist, we have the expertise to support you. Our dental training, coaching, and consulting services are not one-size-fits-all. They are tailored to target the key areas that matter most to you:


Are your cancellation rates above industry standards? Are you struggling with revenue? Let us guide you with proven strategies to boost your practice's profitability and streamline your operations, whether you're just starting out or managing an established practice.


Are you stuck in a recruiting and training cycle? Do you know why team members leave you? We help you develop leadership skills and enhance your ability to communicate effectively with your team and patients. Learn how to onboard, train, and retain a productive team that aligns with your goals and delegate effectively to obtain work-life balance.

Patient Experience

Do your patients disappear or move to another practice? We assist in identifying and enhancing all touchpoints within the patient experience. Learn how to view each interaction through the patient's lens to ensure a seamless journey and a first-class experience that will help you create patients for life.

Patient Communication

Are you struggling to get patients to want, and commit to, optimal treatment? Do you dread the rejection that comes with making recommendations? Discover innovative strategies to enhance your communication with patients, boosting their experience and increasing case acceptance.

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For 30 years Prime Practice has been helping Dentists run successful businesses.

Our team of industry experts has decades of experience in guiding practice Principals and their teams. Friendly and well-versed in the dental industry, they identify gaps and opportunities, diagnose problems and challenges, and provide tailored systems, tools, and strategies to address the specific issues dental practices face.

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Trusted by thousands of dental practices that can attest to

Growing their annual practice production by


Increasing take-home pay by


Working FIVE less weeks per year and reducing stress by


Successfully coached and trained over



What we’re up to

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What you can expect

Boost practice production

Lift case acceptance

Streamline your systems

Develop your team and culture

Strengthen your leadership skills

Enhance wellbeing, reduce stress

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Enhance your career and practice with our exceptional experience, expertise, and support.

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