Advanced leadership and communications training for the whole dental practice
"This workshop was an eye opener for me." "For me PrimeSpeak is a paradigm shift" "I wish I had done this seminar 5 or 10 years ago!"
Dr. Vinayak Chowdhry
Dr. Calvin Hawn
Ontario, Canada
Dr. Andrew Prideaux
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What is Prime Practice?

We are the leading dental practice management company in Australia and New Zealand and have worked with hundreds of dentists and their teams having a positive, lasting and profound impact on their professional, personal and financial lives.

How do we do it?

Prime holds a number of interactive short courses specifically created to help teams perform their individual job roles better, thereby empowering the dentist to do what they do best.

We also run a Practice Management Program, which includes the following:

  1. 10 workshops for the dentists and their teams teaching new systems and communication techniques.
  2. Regular monthly coaching to enhance the implementation of these skills.
  3. Web based reporting monitors the practice achievements and can highlight any gaps in systems in order to maximise performance and prevent any problems.
Workshops Web-based reporting Personal coaching